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Our discovery of the intrinsic property of melanin to dissociate and reform the water molecule is a finding that completely changes the current scenario, it breaks paradigms and dogmas not only in cell biology but in several areas of human knowledge, and the medical field is not an exception.

Melanin, the human chlorophyll

The unexpected capacity of melanin to dissociate and reform the water molecule can be represented as follows:

2H2O ↔ 2H2 + O2 + 4e-

Melanin can transform light energy into chemical energy through the dissociation of the water molecule. This fills a void, because it was not possible, so far; to determine how or at what point the energy of the relatively inert substances we ingest to feed and cellular processes are concatenated.

The current dogma is that glucose is the energy source par excellence of the human body, but is a paradigm that has many gaps. For starters, firmly believes that the transformation of glucose or pyruvate to ATP takes place in the mitochondria, mainly; but in spite that mechanism is described extensively in biochemistry books is still a theory.

The definition of theory (Greek Thoros: viewer) reads as follows: a number of assumptions, proposals, or accepted facts that attempt to provide a plausible explanation or rational causation -Cause-effect-among a group of observed phenomena, and stresses the fact that all theories are only mental models of reality is perceived.

The theory in question (Mitchell´s Chemiosmotic Theory), about the formation of ATP by the mitochondria is called chemo-osmotic theory of Peter Mitchell, which is based on an alleged motive force created by the concentration of protons (proton motive force) in the membrane interspace mitochondria, and that is what would drive the rotation of ATP synthase, but no one has been able to experimentally demonstrate that proton concentration; and on the other hand, most researchers, unfortunatedly; simply repeat what they read in books.

Therefore, there are significant inconsistencies regarding the electron transport complexes located in the mitochondrial crest, and that this explanation does not resolve fundamental doubts.

For instance, the amount of ATP that contains the human body (about 50 grams) does not match the estimated energy needs, as it has been estimated that on average 70 kg human being requires between 100 and 180 kilos of ATP daily.

Seeks to explain the inconsistency with expressions such as amplification of ATP, but in physicochemical terms is meaningless, since energy is neither created nor destroyed, only transformed. That is, 100 or 180 kg da ​​ATP required can not come from food.

E = mc2

Albert Einstein proved with his famous equation (E = mc2), the mass can be converted into energy if we accelerate the square of the speed of light, ie 300,000 miles per second. Recall that mass is defined as anything that occupies a place in space.

Therefore, our body, to transform the food we eat, or the glucose molecule or its derivative, pyruvate, energy, our body would need to possess the necessary mechanisms to accelerate mass to the square of the speed of light.

Which is not possible or even conceivable, because in a volume of 2 to 7 cubic microns (the average volume of a cell), the body does not contain elements anatomical or biochemical processes capable of achieving anything even similar.

Thus, if you really our body obtain energy from glucose or its derivatives would require an acceleration applied to molecules that lead to a speed of 900 000 km per second.

Thereby, glucose, magically; provides the energy required for its own metabolism.

It is quite simple, if glucose was the energy source of the body, then, metaphorically speaking, diabetics would fly.

The term human photosynthesis(TM) is to emphasize the huge resemblance to the chemical sequence called photosynthesis in plants; and in them is a series of chemical reactions in which "magically" CO2 is fused with the H2O into glucose; process that could not be replicated in the laboratory to date, and is represented as follows:

6CO2 + 6H2O → C6H12O6 + 3O2

But the first reaction of photosynthesis in plants, the very first of all, without which other consequential reactions can not occur is the dissociation of the water molecule, and is represented as follows:

2H2 + O2 → 2H2O

It is very interesting that the very first chemical reaction in plant life and human is essentially the same, then the write down to more easily distinguish the notable similarities and hitherto virtually unknown:

2H2O ↔ 2H2 + O2 + 4e- 2H2 + O2 → 2H2O

The main similarity is that in both cases the substrate is the molecule of water, also the products of both reactions are molecules of hydrogen and oxygen, which is very important because hydrogen is the carrier of energy in the entire universe, therefore no plants or humans may be different; and on the other hand, molecular oxygen is extremely stable and toxic at any concentration, hence plants expel it into the atmosphere.

The term 4e- means 4 high energy electrons, i.e. they are electron cloud whose probability is more remote from the atomic nuclei in question to the low energy electrons which are closer to the core. The high-energy electrons also carry energy and are generated when the water molecule is reformed by melanin same; somewhat unique in nature; a molecule which is able to dissociate and reform water molecule.

Something very important is that chlorophyll irreversibly dissociates the water molecule; but the melanin (human chlorophyll) is able to dissociate and reform; and hence self-sustaining chemical processes are started and eventually enter Darwinian evolution, ie: life itself.

As the origin of life, we can say that photosynthesis is the source of all and each of the components of the human body, therefore it generates, shapes them, sustains and governs from start to finish. Any structure or cellular component appeared after, be it glucose, ATP, genes, nucleus, endoplasmic reticulum, mitochondria, etc. The same could be said of the common mechanisms of disease, such as inflammation, bleeding, angiogenesis; fibrosis; mitosis,etc.

Nothing in biology makes sense except in light of evolution. Our body has four billion years of evolution since Australopithecus Afariensis (4 million years approx.) And Lucy (2 million years) did not start from scratch; This means that all previous evolution account. With the above we mean that our body is very well done, is quasi-perfect, quasi-divine; knows his job very well. It really should be surprised when they get sick. And this happens when the photosynthesis level is diminished, remember that the ability to start losing photosynthesis at age 26, about 10% each decade; 50s and then enters free fall. But it also decreases with the cold, as in plants, also with pesticides, herbicides; fertilizers, alcohol, iron supplements, anesthetic agents, many drugs; sadness, stress; progress in age; etc.

Human Photosynthesis(TM) is a highly sensitive process that took place in a pristine planet. When your "rhythm" decreases then comes the incalculable systems: chaos. Our body is very complex, four billion years of evolution are far from our capacity for abstraction and synthesis. We are not able to make one hair. But the source body is amazingly simple: everything comes from the cyclical energy and as such comes from melanin. As the energy available is sufficient complex body systems work well; but when the available energy is low, there will be demonstrations of one kind or another.

After 25 years of continuous clinical research we have learned that any illness is only a manifestation of low level of photosynthesis or chemical energy, starting because the name of it is irrelevant to the body.

When medically photosynthesis in human is intensified then our body gets the balance between energy and biomass and start doing what you do and has made ​​billions of years. When we intensified the dissociation of the water molecule by the administration QIAPI 1 sublingual drops; i.e, three drops every two hours during day time, then the body gets the chemical balance and start functioning properly.

Reference: Solís Herrera, A. The Human Photosynthesis, Infinity Publishing, 2013.

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